Votech Bus and Driving Permission

Votech Students

Bus riders and Driving Permission


Students attending the Great Plains Technology Center may ride the bus to and from the Career tech each day.  The bus will run for the morning session and also the afternoon session.  The bus will pick-up and drop off in the student parking lot on the east side of the high school.  Students should plan to be waiting for the bus prior to its arrival. 


Bus departure times from Elgin High School.


Morning Bus leaves Elgin High School – 8:05 am

Morning Bus back to Elgin High School – 11:15 am


Afternoon Bus leaves Elgin High School – 11:25 am

Afternoon Bus returns to Elgin High School 3:15 pm




If you choose to use your own transportation or if you choose to use it periodically, you will need to return this form for permission form to the high school office.  Students should not haul passengers other than immediate family members, unless permission is given by both parties.


If you choose to ride the bus daily or periodically you will also need to return this form marking the appropriate choices.



________My student will ride the bus daily.



________My student will ride the bus and will periodically use his/her own transportation.



________My student will use his/her own transportation.



Other needs __________________________________________________________________________







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Parent Signature                                                                                             




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